Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale Collection

Hans Christian Andersen (1805 - 1875)

These are 25 fairy tales written by Hans Christian Andersen - A collection of something for everyone - the very popular stories, the less well-known stories and favorites, that both children and grownups can enjoy.
(Summary by Neeru Iyer)

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Play 01In A Thousand YearsHans Christian AndersenEtextLucy Perry00:04:23en
Play 02The TinderboxHenry William DulckenEtextMargaret Espaillat00:17:34en
Play 03The Little Match-SellerH. P. PaullEtextEzwa00:08:27en
Play 04The Brave Tin SoldierHans Christian AndersenEtextPeter Yearsley00:10:07en
Play 05The Princess and the PeaHans Christian AndersenEtextKatayana00:02:23en
Play 06The Ugly DucklingHans Christian AndersenEtextEzwa00:29:04en
Play 07The Emperor's New ClothesHans Christian AndersenEtextErnst Pattynama00:11:01en
Play 08The Red ShoesHans Christian AndersenEtextAlex Eding00:13:39en
Play 09Two MaidensHans Christian AndersenEtextMiriam Esther Goldman (1991-2017)00:04:46en
Play 10A Leaf from HeavenHans Christian AndersenEtextBellona Times00:07:37en
Play 11In the Uttermost Parts of the SeaHans Christian AndersenEtextMiriam Esther Goldman (1991-2017)00:06:35en
Play 12The Saucy BoyHans Christian AndersenEtextMiriam Esther Goldman (1991-2017)00:05:10en
Play 13Great Claus and Little ClausHans Christian AndersenEtextMargaret Espaillat00:27:24en
Play 14The DaisyHans Christian AndersenEtextBellona Times00:10:24en
Play 15The Girl Who Trod on the LoafHans Christian AndersenEtextElizabeth Klett00:13:38en
Play 16The AngelHans Christian AndersenEtextLinda Ferguson00:06:07en
Play 17The BuckwheatHans Christian AndersenEtextLinda Ferguson00:04:19en
Play 18The Darning-needleHans Christian AndersenEtextEzwa00:08:59en
Play 19The Bell-DeepHans Christian AndersenEtextMargaret Espaillat00:10:10en
Play 20The Elf of the RoseHans Christian AndersenEtextClive Catterall00:12:00en
Play 21The Beetle Who Went On His TravelsHans Christian AndersenEtextJoelle Peebles00:16:18en
Play 22The Pea BlossomHans Christian AndersenEtextAmy Benton00:09:37en
Play 23The Fir TreeHans Christian AndersenEtextJoelle Peebles00:18:12en
Play 24What the Old Man Does Is Always RightHans Christian AndersenEtextBart de Leeuw00:13:38en
Play 25The ButterflyHans Christian AndersenEtextHokuspokus00:07:49en

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