Crime & Mystery Fiction | The Lost Mr. Linthwaite | J. S. Fletcher

A quest to track down his missing uncle (Mr. Linthwaite) leads investigative journalist Richard Brixey to the mysterious medieval town of Silchester, England. What actually happened in the ruins of the Priory, and why are all the potential witnesses so uncooperative? Who is the mysterious Mrs. Byfield and what is her long-buried connection to Mr. Linthwaite? What is the secret plot that Mr. Linthwaite stumbled into, and so had to be removed? Is he dead or alive?

And, will the energetic Brixey fall for the lovely Miss Georgina or not?

A fascinating British mystery by a master of the genre.

Genre(s): Crime & Mystery Fiction

J. S. Fletcher (1863 – 1935)

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