The Bat (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

A Mysterious killer—Man? Beast? Or devil?—spreading terror throughout a nation, flouting law and lawless alike … Curious GOINGS-ON in a house rented immediately upon the death of its owner … A WARNING to leave the house, underlined with threats of death … A SHADOW bearing one gleaming eye [ … ] Wouldn’t You Like to Know – What happens when the indomitable Miss Van Gorder refuses to be frightened from the house of murder? What nerve-shaking word is spelled out by the Ouija board? [ … ] Who is the stranger who arrives half dead? Who is the Bat?” ~ from the ad in the book. Originally published in 1926, Rinehart’s entertaining mystery offers suspense and humor, and you will see evidence of that era’s Asian xenophobia and Prohibition in the United States.

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