The Golem: A legend of old Prague | Rudolf Lothar | Religious Fiction

Rabbi Loeb creates a clay man to house a perfect soul that he hopes will not be blighted by human prejudices. The plan does not go as he hoped… This is one of many stories about the golem, all of which involve Rabbi Loeb (Judah Loew ben Bezalel), a 16th-century talmudic scholar known as The Maharal.

Rodolf Lother (Rudolf Lothar Spitzer) was an Austrian writer. This story was published in the B’nai Brith journal The Menorah in 1896 and subsequently included in the author’s German language book Der Golem: Phantasien und Historien (1904).

Genre(s): Culture & Heritage Fiction, Historical Fiction, Religious Fiction

Rudolf Lothar (1865 – 1943)

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