The Song of the Waters | Poetry

These are 17 recordings of The Song of the Waters by William Murray Graydon.

William Murray Graydon, February 4, 1864 – April 5, 1946, was an extremely prolific American writer who also wrote under the pen-names Alfred Armitage, William Murray, and Tom Olliver. He published a wide variety of historical fiction, wilderness and adventure stories and poems, science-fiction, and Sexton Blake boy detective stories. This lovely poem describes what the poet seems to hear the Susquehanna river whispering as it flows by his campsite on a star-lit night. Note: The Susquehanna River flows from upstate New York state to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

Genre(s): Multi-version (Weekly and Fortnightly poetry)

William Murray Graydon (1864 – 1946)

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